“You Want A Friend In Washington, Get A Dog.”

Bo Obama
That famous quote came from Harry S. Truman, and it couldn’t be more true. With election day upon us, I thought we’d look back at Bo’s most precious moments in office. Let’s be honest, this Portuguese water dog has made us say “Awww” one time or another and he’s grown to the tender age of four before our very eyes.

Bo’s not always able to join the Obama’s to Hawaii for family trips. While President Obama loves his Kailua vacation home, he has yet to put a down-payment on his 2012 Hawaii vacation rental due to the uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the Presidential Election. While an anticipated landslide would justify a step-up from his past Hawaii vacation homes, a mere “close victory” may mean a return to one of his previous villas. Clearly, the stakes are high tomorrow.

First dog
Bo’s first white, White House Christmas. This picture wasn’t take in to the Blue Room where the official White House Christmas tree, 18-foot-6-inch balsam fir from Neshkoro, Wisconsin, but Bo makes this picture light up more than any Christmas tree.

Christmas In The White House
All I want for Christmas is my own personal Bo cake. Who wouldn’t?!


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