World Famous Psychic Medium James Van Praagh & The Premonition That Led Him To Maisey.

We love that psychic medium and author, James Van Praagh, shared his letter to Maisey with us. SO SWEET!

Dear Maisey,

Do you remember the first time that we met? I had a premonition that you were waiting for me at the same shelter where we had adopted Boo Radley a few months before. I remember going to the shelter with complete excitement and utter joy as if an old friend were coming back into my life.  I also never forget walking in front of every kennel two times and not seeing you.  I went back into the lobby and lowered my head in despair.  Was my premonition incorrect?  Was your personality just a figment of my imagination?  Then suddenly I remember as I was getting ready to leave, a feeling came over me and I heard a small voice inside me say, “look up.”  I looked to the right and saw you sitting in the very last kennel, you were staring right at me!  I ran over see you and your eyes caught my every step.  As I approached, you rolled over and showed me that freckled belly, I knew I had found my daughter.

Now that we’ve been together for several years, there are so many things I love about you: the way you jump like a rabbit in the tall grass; the way you look like a lioness when you stalk the lizards that you never can catch; and the way you look like a lamb while you’re sleeping. I love how you treat walks like a journey instead of a marathon. You literally do stop and smell the roses. It’s funny how I named you Maisey long before I realized how much you like to mosey. I love how you fearlessly protect your yard from squirrels and rabbits but how you jump up to me for protection if the wind closes a door. I love how you let Boo Radley win every play-fight even though I know you could win. I love how your yawn sounds like a squeak. But most of all, I love how you have not only filled my heart, but my mind. Our telepathy is uncanny. Any thought or wish that you think; I know it. And your every wish is my command.

I love you baby girl,

James (Dada)

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  1. An Thys says:

    So sweet.

  2. Chloe says:

    so gorgeous (: your a nice man

  3. Celeste Shotts says:

    You and Maisey…..a true love story <3 Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Phyllis Walsh says:

    Beautiful and poignant sentiment of unconditional love between two heartbeats one small and the other bigger but the love between these two hearts cancels out the physical difference and makes the solid bond equal and magnified. True love at its best and in all it’s glory. <3

  5. Mel Desmond says:

    Gorgeous. The connection between humans and animals is amazing. We are one spirit in different bodies. Namaste!

  6. awwwhh <3 beautiful

  7. Kary Hays says:

    I absolutely LOVE your letter to Maisey! I have been drawing people’s pets for them for years and have met so many people who adore their furry friends with such incredible passion that it brings tears to my eyes when I meet them. It’s amazing! God Bless your giving heart <3

  8. Yes, wonderful letter & the love does bring tears to the eyes. I love my baby girl Bianca just the same as you do your dogs.Don’t know how I lived so long without her! Thank God for our animals!

  9. Silvana Teixeira says:

    wonderful, James!!!!

  10. Guest says:

    Love this!

  11. I love this. I need to get another dog!!

  12. I love this…… and it is wonderful that you chose a shelter to pick your companion from…..pray for all the homeless and abused and discarded pups and kitkats that make our lives worthwhile. Thanks James…………m.

  13. James your a great Dada!!

  14. That is the sweetest letter ever…..I have a bella with a freckled tummy also…she is part dalmatian part westie….I love her!!

  15. MySpyder Web says:

    I once had a dog that had freckles on her belly. I would sing to her “You have freckles on your belly and you’re pretty” Thank you for the sweet memory.

  16. Paul Pompa says:

    My wife and I have two girls of our own we also have two angles in our hearts that will always be with us .Take good care of you’re pets as they give us so much.

  17. Daisy Bee says:

    Another Maisey: Late Saturday afternoon many years ago, I was
    in my house in Mendocino with my Keeshond, KeeshaSue, when suddenly I knew I
    absolutely had to get into town and adopt a cat right away. I didn’t know I wanted a cat, but followed that very strong intuition.
    We drove at breakneck speed along the cliffs until we reached
    the village, where the Humane Society brought adoptable animals every Saturday.
    When we walked in, I felt a tug from a cage to my left, where a small
    longhaired tuxedo cat sat dejectedly at the back of her cage. I took her home,
    just 15 minutes before closing and also. as it turned out, 15 minutes before
    the end of that cat’s life — it was her very last day before euthanasia.
    By Monday, KeeshaSue and I were totally in love with this adorable cat. I named her Maisey Jane, Maisey for short. I loved her so very much for the fourteen years she lived, and love her to this day…she comes around now and then to let me know she still cares.

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