Why does my dog, Ditto, charge and scream at other dogs?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

Why does Ditto charge and scream at other dogs? Is there a way I can help her to not be afraid or angry with other dogs so we can train and compete in agility?

I look forward to your answer,


Dear Veronica,

What a beautiful dog Ditto is!  I just told her if I was still in my physical body, I would like to have her as my girlfriend! 

Well Veronica, we have both talked about this, and she feels she is not the right temperament for agility.  And the reason she screams at the other dogs is because she is so nervous of them! 

But she tells me that she is very affectionate with you and how much you spoil her.  She’s very sorry, but she does not feel that agility is for her.  And she’s saying here, “I’m very sorry” here.

Love and woof, woof!

Sonya and Louis


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