Thanksgiving: Bracing for Begging

If ever there were a prime opportunity for my dog to unleash his full repertoire of begging abilities, it is Thanksgiving.

Those big round brown eyes that lock on mine pleading “Please. Pleeeeease. I’ll die if I don’t have a piece of turkey.” A paw placed ever so politely on my leg to whimper “But I won’t really know you love me if you don’t want to share your mashed potatoes and gravy.” A gentle nudge from his fuzzy head that promises “Just a bite, one little bite of pie and then my puppy heart will feel joyforever.” It’s enough to make me want to pile food into his bowl. Stuffing. Extra gravy. Extra, extra turkey…oh who am I kidding, I want to give him the whole bird. Who cares about the guests because he wants it more!

To brace ourselves from such inclinations, we’re reading this great advice on what you can and can’t feed your dog on Thanksgiving from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

And we invite you to commiserate: tell us about your dog’s pleading tactics or upload photos of your dog’s best break-your-heart beggar look to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram under #ThanksgivingBegging. For a gallery of some poses that made us laugh, check out our latest Pinterest board: “Thanksgiving: My Dog Becomes a Beggar”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dog!




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