Tampa Bay’s, Amber McCrocklin, Creates Paws Aboard Pet Life Jackets

Lots of people ask, why would a dog need a life jacket? Think about all the random squirrels, bears, birds and bugs that can make fido go overboard in the blink of any eye. Now they’re wet, and you’re frantically trying to pull them BACK up on the boat. Paws Aboard knows their stuff, they’re based in boating city USA, Tampa Bay, FL. Their mission: to help dogs feel the wind in their fur and feel the water between their paws, safely!

Owner Amber McCrocklin, first created the Doggie Ladder after she found it particularly difficult to get her dog Bo back in the boat from retrieving his toy in the water. After searching for something to solve this problem, and coming up empty handed, she decided to create a product for pet owners who shared her dilemma.

After that came the Paws Aboard life jacket so owners like Kelvin and Nancy could easily pick up Levin after he jumped out of the canoe:

“My Wife and I thought we’d like to take a slow easy canoe trip down the Root River in Minnesota, and we thought we’d try taking one of our dogs along, Leven.  Nancy, my wife, wanted the dog to have a life jacket, and I wondered why we needed a life jacket for a dog that could swim, but we bought the life jacket, (wife wins again!).  Well, we where drifting by some cows, in a deeper part of the river, and Leven thought he’d get a closer look at some cows as we drifted by, so he jumped out of the boat!  Thanks to the handle on the back of that life jacket, I was able to pluck him for the water quickly and easily.  Had it not been for that handle, I think we may have tipped the canoe if I had to go in after him, or try to get him out of the water pulling him by the collar or back of neck.

Thanks for the great design of these life jackets!

Kelvin, Nancy, & Leven”

Amber didn’t stop there, she’s dedicated her company to making life for dog owner’s easier. She’s Tampa Bay’s Benjamin Franklin of dog toys and added some new inventions recently, including the Freedom Leash and Monster Walker. Check them all out on their website.


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