Dear Sprinkles,

You’ve been gone four years this November. Every day still hurts from the pain of losing you. Carson is 9 years old now and it makes me happy when talks about you. We still have pictures of you all over the house. We added Syren to our family four months after you left us. It was such a hard decision. I kept telling myself it was too soon. Syren is your second niece and I think a part of me just wanted a piece of you to hold, so adding her to our family was almost needed. She’s a good dog just like you were, must run in the family. We have also added two (yes two!) more cats since you last saw us. Bailey and Kodak miss your gentle ear cleanings.I know you would’ve tended to Maizey & Scout’s ears too. You always loved kitties. Hopefully this letter finds you well. I wanted you to know you are still a big part of my heart even though you are no longer with us. You were my once in a lifetime dog. Love you Sprinks…

Breed: Dalmatian


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