Sheryl Crow Doesn’t Like Puppy Mills

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow has been a dog lover for a long time. She was the proud mother to an adorable yellow Labrador, Scout(pictured above), for over a decade until he sadly passed. Sheryl now has Rex, another yellow Lab, and knows love, that’s why she is right on point with my views on puppy mills. There are so many dogs out in the world that need rescuing. I can’t fathom the thought of someone actually purchasing a dog from a puppy mill, but unfortunately these mills are still in business for a reason. Sheryl teamed up with Animal Rescue Corps efforts to cease the cycle of backyard breeding through Educate 2 End, which asks that all with a passion for compassion raise awareness by sharing ARC’s PSA. Animal Rescue Corps is a non-profit which rescues animals from abusive situations and natural disasters; educates the public about the need to heed the suffering of animals, and by training and assessments for animal shelters.

Animal shelters all around the U.S. may be busier this weekend after people watch this video. Please pass along this message and think of Buttercup when you do.


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