Robert Pattinson Knows How To Spoil A Dog

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson rescued his dog,Bear, last year and he revealed some interesting facts about Bear. Well, he actually revealed more interesting facts about himself being a dog lover.

Robert Pattinson dog
Bear was rescued a day, that’s right, A DAY before he was about to be euthanized in Louisiana. Robert revealed that Bear has done 2 things that I’ve never done in my lifetime.

Bear has:

*Took a private Jet from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

*Ate a full plate of prosciutto from the Four Seasons.

Bear’s bucket list is looking way better than mine and he’s only been alive 1 year. Don’t worry, Bear doesn’t always fly by way of private jet and the prosciutto was Robert spoiling his new pooch, AKA he had no dog food around so prosciutto was the best option the Four Seasons had to offer.

I wonder if Bear’s mommy, Kristin Stewart, would agree with Robert’s spoiling ways.


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