Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Sandy Dogs
Superstorm Sandy hit New York 10 days ago and due to the unfortunate circumstances a lot of people had to evacuate and at times had to leave their furry loved ones behind. I don’t even want to imagine leaving my adorable Maltipoo behind, so seeing these pictures of owners and their 4 legged babies reunited brings tears of joy to my eyes. The relief a lot of New Yorkers have been feeling today being reunited with their best friends/children can been seen with these photos, along with a thousand other words.

Leann Rivera(above) and her 7 children had to evacuate they’re Queens Apartment, leaving they’re dog and 3 cats. Lucky for them the ASPCA responders rescued her clan of 4 and brought them to Queens college where Sandy and her children are currently living.

Pit Bull
Here’s a rare thing, an overly happy teenager. He was reunited with his pit bull after the entrance to his 2nd floor apartment had collapsed. Thankfully the Humane Society saved the day.

Facebook came to the rescue for this Basenji breed, who was found roaming yards by dog lover Melanie Kern-Favilla. She was able to get on her facebook and find the father of this doggie, Robert Bungert, in just 24 hours!

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  1. R. Singh says:

    read this emotional incidence. It`s so painful & touching. Thank God that all the dogs have got their caretakers.I can realize what is the pain of separation of Ur beloved pets. It can be unbearable. I pray to God that those pets are missing , they may also get their caretakers. AMEN.

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