Rescue Mike says…”Check out this adoption update!!”

Hey everyone…I received this letter from the parents of a “GIA”, a dog I recently adopted to them.   This is why I rescue dogs.  It doesn’t get better than this!!!!

Hi Michael,

How’s everything going? We are doing great. We’ve been taking good care of Gia and she’s been taking good care of us. Most days she comes to work with me and sits either under my desk or right next to it. As you’ll see from the pictures, she loves her blue blanket. It pretty much goes everywhere that Gia goes.

It’s been really fun getting to know her and her mannerisms. She loves the beach! It’s pretty much her favorite place. She goes crazy as soon as she gets to the sand. She basically turns into a little wiggling ball of fun. And she loves to run (especially after the birds!). She’s so fast that we can barely keep up with her. She also loves the water and is eager to chase birds into the surf (never too far in, though).

She also loves to sleep. As I type this email she is snoring (very loudly!) at the end of the bed. She really is the best!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Dylan and Celine


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