Rescue Mike – MEET TRUMAN

Truman can be transported almost anywhere for a great home.

 TRUMAN is beyond adorable.   He was rescued from the Shelter 6 weeks ago when I saw him in the medical ward.   I asked what was wrong with him and was told he had some sort of injury and was limping.   They told me that they suspected nerve damage and if he did not improve, they were going to euthanize him.   I was very suspicious of their diagnosis and immediately pulled him from shelter and took him to my vet.  Sure enough, it turned out he has NOTHING wrong with him.  No nerve damage.  No limp.  I still wonder if that was just an excuse to kill him :-(

I am so grateful that i saw him that day and saved him. But now, after weeks and weeks in boarding, he needs to be rescued again by a loving family to adopt him and spoil him rotten!!

Truman is INCREDIBLY AFFECTIONATE with all people!!  He prefers human contact and loves to cuddle and be rubbed!  He is also a licker!!   He is very athletic and loves to play and run!!

Truman can walk on a leash just fine and be walked with and near other dogs.   That being said, he most likely needs to be in a single dog family and is not the type of dog that does well in a dog park with the stimulation that goes with that.

If you have no pets but you want the most loving dog ever to join your family…TRUMAN is worth meeting!

To meet Truman,


Your best friend is waiting!


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