Orvis Dog Collars Can Save Your Dog’s Life


Founded in Vermont in 1856 by Charles F. Orvis, ORVIS is the oldest mail-order retailer in the United States. Although they have many great products to choose from, one of our favorites here at ALTMD is their amazing personalized dog collars. Orvis’ dog collars are not only stylish, but they’ve also helped find missing pets, pets just like Buddy.

A few summers ago, with the help of one of Orvis’ personalized dog collars, Buddy, a golden retriever was reunited with his family. They were at a family reunion far away from home and Buddy wandered off and ended up in a local shelter.

Just by chance that day, Orvis customer Peggy Hinson stopped by the pound and took notice of Buddy. Driving away from the pound, she just couldn’t get the dog out of her mind. When she got home, she called back and asked if the dog had any identification. She was told he had an embroidered collar with his name and phone number-but no area code. Suddenly it clicked with Hinson that Buddy was wearing the familiar Orvis dog collar.

She took down the information, tried the local area code to no avail, and dialed up Orvis. It took just a minute for Customer Service to search out Buddy’s owners, using the seven-digit phone number from the collar.

Eight hours later, a thankful Buddy was reunited with one happy five-year old boy. “Orvis is big in my heart,” says Hinson, “You saved not just a dog, but a little boy’s heart.” And just in case Buddy’s wandering days aren’t over, Orvis has sent him a new dog collar which includes his area code.  What an incredible story!

Another favorite Orvis item is their full sized futon dog beds. Orvis became a pioneer in the U.S. dog industry when they created, produced and introduced the first bed specifically for dogs, the Orvis Dog’s Nest® in 1976. Dog’s Nests have spawned an expanded line of quality beds in multiple shapes, sizes and attributes (including beds with amazing Tempur-Pedic material.)

Check out their beds and all of their other high quality dog items HERE.






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