My Dearest Hope,

For eight years you spent every day in a cage being bred over and over again, never seeing the outside world. You never learned how to trust people, play with toys or just be a beloved member of a family who cherished you as you should be.

For eight years you were used and neglected by humans for money, regarded as an object of means to financial gain. You never got to feel the warmth of loving arms wrapped around you as you snuggled in a soft lap.

For eight years you were in the dark metaphorically speaking, not knowing that there was a happy life waiting for you where you would discover a whole diverse world where neglect would be replaced with kindness and security.

Those eight years are over now, along with the abuse and neglect that you endured at the hands of despicable people. You will never know loneliness, sadness or fear again; it has been replaced by enduring love, safety and security that you have long deserved.

For the remainder of your life you will continue to learn how to embrace the infinite, unconditional love that I have for my sweet girl as you forget the past. You will continue to make progress every day as you have in the two years that you have been in my life.

A wonderful reality is yours now; seize it, relish it and know that you will always be my heart.

With All My Love,
Your Blessed Momma

Breed: Chihuahua


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