LISTEN: Michael Vartan & Rich Eisen Talk A Letter To My Dog on NFL Network

Just two guys talking about how much they love their dogs on the NFL Network…

LISTEN to this sound clip where Alias’ MICHAEL VARTAN sits down on The Rich Eisen Podcast to go all softy for his chocolate lab Millie. He pured out his heart to “Velvet Ears” and has no problem sharing it with the guys. We’re just glad he didn’t name her “Metro”!

“You are the most gentle and tender creature I know, your sweet little essence ever soothing to my soul,” he writes in a letter to his beloved pet, as part of a new book, A Letter to My Dog.

“I intended to write a letter thanking you for your unconditional love and unwavering loyalty,” Vartan continues. “But instead, and I’ve given this a lot of thought, I’m writing to thank you for letting ME love YOU!”

And we love YOU Michael Vartan!



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