Have our 3 dogs found each other in Heaven?

Dear Little Louis and Sonya,

In the last year and a half, three of our beloved family dogs had to go over the Rainbow Bridge.  Our 14 year old fabulous Rottweiler Satan’s Little Helper III had diabetes for years…  Our beautiful Rottweiler, Lyllith, had bone cancer at age 8…  And our wonderful Malamute, Kodiak, survived bloat at age 8 and had a brain tumor at age 11.  We all surrounded them with broken hearts as each one was put to sleep.

They played together almost every day for all those years. Have they found each other in heaven, so they can run and play all day as they always have?  Do they know how much they are missed, and how they are always in our hearts and thoughts?

Thank you for communicating with our babies for us.

Ilene, Jerry, Robyn & Jamie

Dear I, J, R and J,

Wow!  You had such great, wonderful dogs!  

They’re here with me now chatting about their wonderful life with you all, and how they had many human companion families who loved and adored them all too.  In return, they felt the same way!  They were the happiest dogs ever, they tell me. 

They want you to know they’re around you most of the day.  And with their energy bodies, they have no more pain and no more suffering.  However, you all need to know that we dogs tolerate discomfort a lot better than you humans do! 

I do wish you could see them running and playing as they are right now.  Hey, watch out guys!  They’re jumping right over me!   I’m just chasing behind them, I can’t even keep up with them. 

We have so much fun all of us together over here.  Oh, they just stopped to tell me, you still kept all their collars and toys.  And they also want me to tell you that they didn’t feel like they were dogs, they felt like humans – just like mom treated us – like kings!

Satan’s Little Helper tells me he was the most handsome dog in the world.  And Lyllith saiys, there he goes again!  And we’re all laughing together about that. 

I think we should also tell you there’s a beautiful human here connected through you, that passed away because of chest or breathing problems.  They’re all headed back to be around you and visit with you right now. 

Bye guys!  I’m so happy you were here to help me write this letter to your family. 

Feel and sense them around you, because they are. 

Love and Woof, Woof!



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