Hair of the Dog

Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves’ Salukis who rock his custom-made hairpieces on many occasion (photo as featured in A Letter to My Dog). Yes, you read that correctly – his dogs really and truly rock hairpieces!


Winter is here and fashionable coats are just about all we can think of… dog coats that it is.

Whether a Poodle with pink and purple curls, a Tibetan Terrier with a flowing gray and white mane or an Afghan Hound with braided locks, dogs with style make us smile!

Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, who styles the locks of Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria, shares our sentiment. He even works his mane magic by using his custom-made hairpieces on his Salukis. “The dogs test all of my pieces first. That’s how they make it in the collection. The dogs love to play with the hairpieces and if they ignore one of them, I take it as a sign,” he says. To read Ken’s love letter to his hair-loving dogs check out our book.

We’d love to know what you do to style your dog. Do you get inspired by the 80s and crimp, tease or spike? Do you keep it preppy and classic with a bow, side part or buzz cut. Do tell!

Send photos of your dog’s hairstyle of choice our way via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the #doghair and check out our favorites so far on Pinterest  and Facebook!