First Dogs- A Retrospective On Who Was Cuter

Today is election day and I think the best way to make a decision for the future is to look back on the Democrats and Republicans in office. I would like to focus on Bill Clinton and George W. Bush if we may. Let’s look back and really observe they’re families, specifically they’re kids…the furry ones!
The Clinton's
I think Bill Clinton was a looker, but his chocolate golden retriever Buddy has him beat in the looks department!

Buddy came to The Clinton’s at 3 months old. He was instantly loved, so much so that Hilary wrote a book on Buddy as well as the first cat, Socks, who Buddy didn’t like that much, called, “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets”.

The Clinton's dog
Unfortunately, Buddy passed on January 2, 2002 after being hit by a car while running in the street.

The Bush family didn’t just have 1 dog at the White House, but 3! Miss. Beazley, Mildred AKA Millie and Bernard AKA Barney.

Here’s Barney in all his Scottish glory! The Bush’s loved Scottish Terriers so much that they also had Miss Beasley who was actually the niece of Barney through his half brother Clinton.

Scottish Terrier
Looks like Laura and Miss Beasley had a special connection, girls will be girls!

Millie (below, on the right) was known as “the most famous dog” in the White House because she was referred to in George W.’s re-election speech in 1992. Also, Barbara wrote a book about Millie where Millie is credited as co-author, “Millie’s Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush “.

All these dogs are so adorable, if they were running for office I would definitely need to vote Independent.


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