Double The Work Out- You And Your Dog!

Dog Bootcamp

It’s getting cold out and for me that means I hardly work out and I take my dog on the fastest and shortest walks. I know, not good for both of us! Well, it looks like I may have stumbled upon a little resolution to my problem, Thank Dog Bootcamp.

They mix working out, with doggie obedience training. They have a certified trainer running the hour long work out focusing on you, and they also have a dog trainer making sure the dog is listening as well as cooperating with the work outs were your pooch is incorporated. They say that if you’re out of shape so is your dog, and I have to agree with this statement, both Marty and I need a little help in our mid-sections.

Also, Cesar Milan says, “This program should be mandatory for anyone who owns a dog.”

Cesar Milan


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