Do You Know How To Greet A Dog?

I’m sure a lot of you saw the title to this post and thought, “Of course I do!” You’d be surprised at finding out that you’re probably forgetting to do one or two of the correct dog greeting techniques. Don’t be saddened by this information. I too was in your place just a minute ago. This doesn’t mean we love dogs any less, it just means our initial “handshake” needs to be perfected. Don’t you hate it when people give you a weak handshake or no handshake at all?! So think the frustration our little hairy friends encounter when we throw them off with an awkward first meet and greet.

How Not To Greet A Dog

See how simple it is? Now next time you go on a dog walk, you and your furry child will meet new doggie friends,and you’ll “Wow” the owner with your non-threatening dog greeting. You may even be able to pay this forward and educate someone with this great new approach. Cesar Milan 2.0? I think so.


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