Dearest Bella Casandra (Cassie),

I know that you do not have a Thundershirt of your own but three of your new friends now do. Cassie, you are the greatest dog “Therapy Dog International” has ever had the opportunity to have on their roster. You do not have a vest because you do not have a need for it…you are one of the most confident dogs I have ever known.
I am sorry to say that that is not so for three of your newest friends. It is so kind of you to assist me when training your friends’ owners.
Getting the vests for these dogs has improved their lives so very much. Training the owners comes so much easier when their dogs are confident…and that is what happens when their dogs put on their new Thundershirts. A calm dog makes for a calm owner and a calm owner makes my job so much easier.

Thank you Cassie and Thank you Thundershirt.

Preston Dent

Breed: Standard Poodle


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