Dear Trixiemae Wilmot,

You are the joy of our lives and you rescued us as much as we rescued you. I just can’t imagine how horrible it was to be born and bred and raised in a puppy mill.  To be left in the sun with no water or left out in the rain ,the cold nights the blistering hot days, in a cage. It bring tears to my eyes to even think of it, and to be forced to live like that for the first 2 yrs of your life. Simply heart wrenching.  Then you were rescued.  Those of you who survived. But it seems you went from one nightmare to another. your foster was terribly neglectful and cruel to you and left you chained in a yard, in the sun and rain, warm, cold…  What ever did you do to deserve such abuse in this world. Then you were dragged to place after place to be adopted but by 3 no one wanted you.  You were days away from being euthanized or just abandoned because they said it cost more to feed you then you were worth.

Well I was suffering my loss of my 1 and only dog ever, Puppie.  She had just passed to heaven months prior due to advanced congestive heart failure after 19.5 yrs.  Daddy and I cried all the time, we lost weight, and it was one of the darkest periods in my life.

One day I went to Petco in Santee Ca. looking for a chihuahua to fill our broken hearts. When all of a sudden you ran straight up to your lil play pen and you stood on your back legs whimpering and begging to be picked up. The lady said OMG she never does that.  No one wants her she is 3 and sort of ugly, why would a lady looking to help you find a home ever say such a horrible thing about any dog. Well I reached down and picked you up and I will never forget the way you wrapped your paws tightly around my neck and buried your face in my chin. I held you and immediately knew you were sent to me just me and that was that we took you home.  Now once there you had issues abandonment destructive little thing. You had never lived indoors and had no idea how to.  You tore apart everything the cushions the walls the bathroom the carpet you ripped it open the corner electric cards speakers patio the comforter the bed the sofa, etc, all in just a few hrs. I knew then that I needed to stay home with you and teach you that when mommy went some where she would always come back, so slowly we learned how to get through all your issues 1 at a time.  Boy, a thunder shirt would have helped back then, but I had never heard of it, this was in June 2000.
Well time went on we had your leg fixed it had been busted up in the cage at the puppy mill and no one thought enough about you to fix it.  Bad ppl,
then we had you spayed and shots and so on.  You were such a beauty the first time you were groomed everyone stopped and would say she is gorgeous, and of course you are, it just took love and time. Every dog is gorgeous!  Now 9 yrs have gone by and you are 12 your eyes are going and you have Cushin’s disease,  Lately you are afraid of everything.  Understandably I would be terrified to start seeing shadows I noticed you bark a lot more then ever before and you hide in closets like you are afraid of everything.  With all we have given you  would stop at nothing to help my baby girl,but between your medical bills and medications its getting hard to provide as much as i wish to. I hope Trixie that we can win a thunder shirt, I think it just may help you to relax as this aging process goes forward and I will worry less about you biting little Steven he is on 4.5 and i know he frightens you terribly the way he runs around.

So Trixie together lets put paw to hand and say a prayer that thunder shirt reads your story and realizes just how much you would benefit from their product
now bow your head and say amen…….
Thank you for reading our story!

Trixie Mae Wilmot
Audrey Wilmot – mommy
Breed: mini poodle


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