Dear Stoli,

Who would have known that Sunday the 28th of October 2012 , would be the last time that I got to see your little face?  If I knew that I was taking you back to the hospital for the last time I would have left you home, to die between us, the people who loved you, took care of you, and are sad to loose you. I can’t stop thinking of you, everyday, every minute, every corner in the house reminds me of you, even my car reminds me of you. I will never get to forget you. I hope you are now in a better place, without that sickness and pain that took you away from me.  You will always be my little cute doggy and I will never forget you.

Breed: Bichons


  1. R. Singh says:

    Hello ! this letter reminds me my 2 cutest,Beloved & unforgettable kids Lullu+Sherry(my 2labras)so,I can understand Ur emotional feelings. I too lost my both kids my lullu had dead on 16th Dec 2011. & my sherry on 23rd Jan.2012. I never thought in my dreams too.Still now me & my family has been in shocked.The same feeling, I too have for my kids as u described in Ur letter to my dog. Though, their will be 1 yr. after their departure. The each & every moments of my life, i m missing them. Becoz, My days had started & finished from them. I can say – My days not started frm the sunrise, rather my days started frm the eyes of kids..

    Nobody can take place of them in my heart. I don`t know how & why it happened with me?After them my life has nothing. This what i m felling after them.. I even don`t know how I will face their death anniversary too. 1yr. is going to be passed. I have not seen them. I have only 1hope ,may be wen i will go there, then in rainbow bridge, definitely we will meet. Hope so.

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