Dear Sheena,

Because that is what we call you now.  I know at your last home they called you Nina, so it must be confusing for you.  I don’t know what they called you, if anything, at the 6 pet stores in 4 states that are listed on your paperwork.

It seems to me it must have been terrifying being shuttled around from pet store to pet store all your life.  But, perhaps it is simply familiar, because it’s all you’ve ever known.  How strange it must be for you now to be in your forever home with your forever family.

We envisioned you romping around joyfully in the back yard when we introduced you to it.  When I took you out to pee the first time, the wind blew and the grass moved and a leaf fell off the tree, and you almost had a heart attack.  We didn’t realize you had literally never been outside before.

We promise to provide you all the tools you need to figure out who Sheena is going to be in her new life.  Even though you are enormous on the outside, there is still a tiny puppy on the inside.




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