Dear Sadie,

Thank you for letting me love you! When your foster mom brough you to my house I know you were scared and I bet you could tell that I wasnt sure I wanted you. So you howled and growled at me like you do with most people. But maybe you saw something in me. So you let me fall in love with your sweet brown eyes, and I saved your life. ( Did you know you were on the short list for being put down?)

Im so sorry that before I got you someone didnt love you like they should have. The things they did to you have made you scared about many things. But I will always be there to help you through them.

Sadie the reason I have to leave you all the time is because im in school and what that means is that its harder for mom to buy you new toys when you de-stuff them and mom cant get you fancy training. Mom is trying very hard to get you a thundershirt tho!

Whats a thundershirt? Well #1 it will make you even more cute then you already are. #2 It will help you. You know how loud noises scare you? ( fireworks, planes, car doors closing) This will help you relax when you hear thoes things, no more hiding in mommas closet! Also you know how scary it is to meet new people you want to hide growl or howl at them. This will help you to feel secure and maybe help you relax, which would help mom go to the next level or training with you, and get you to trust people more. #3 you know how your afraid of being in the back yard ( because your first owner let you out and never let you back in) this might help you relax and enjoy the baqck yard so we can play more!

I hope I can get the thundershirt for you Sadie! Your sweet brown eyes are just begging me to help you and I want to so bad!

Love you lots Monkey face ,
Your less furry momma


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