Dear Rico Suave,

The day I met you, and even in the weeks that followed I never imagined you’d be mine. I think I literally squealed when I saw the 5 cute puppy faces of your litter for the first time. I wanted to love you all as I knew your fates were to live very short lives on the farm. You were the shyest puppy so we didn’t seem to connect like I did with the others. You would follow your brother and sisters to me but hang out to the back of the bunch. I connected with 2 of your sisters and I wanted to keep 2 of them even though I really couldn’t keep any of you. We already had your sisters Morzy, she was about 7-8 months old when we moved to Texas and she was enough of a hand full. Plus we couldn’t really afford another puppy. I didn’t like any of the boring names that were given to you little ones so I took it upon myself to rename all but Bear who had already been claimed by Ma’am-maw. Your sisters became to me- Idaho Potato, Claire Bear,and Lightning Bug. Then there was you, this handsome little boy puppy with these gorgeous long eye lashes. They had named you after the big bull on the farm so you were called Curly Joe. I really didn’t think this name fit you at all, you were a little pretty boy. First thing that came to my mind? Rico Suave! From then on you were just this handsome little Latin lover boy.
Then that faithful day came. Me and daddy were packing to go spend the weekend with his parents, no one else was home at the ranch. We went outside and there you were, all by yourself! Of the 10 or so other dogs you were sitting alone by yourself on the lawn. I can’t remember what I was thinking or if I even was, I just knew I’d had enough of this. I had never been around farm dogs before -I was only used to dogs being pampered and spoiled- and this wasn’t the life I wanted to see you live. You were such a dedicated and devoted dog to stay put and not run off, you deserved to be mine!
I whisked you up immediately, and told daddy I didn’t care who got mad I wasn’t leaving you behind! I grabbed my flea soap and drug the hose over to the picnic table where I’d placed you. I got you all clean and house-worthy and put you in the car with your new sister. You settled in quickly and fell asleep in the back seat with her. I snapped a picture and it now hangs on our bedroom wall. Whenever I catch a glimpse it reminds me of this special day.
That day and for all the following days since, you’ve been my baby boy puppa and have followed me to and from. I know you’d follow me to the end of the earth. I never have to worry about you going far from me, cause you don’t like it when I’m out of your sight, but guess what? I hate it when you’re not around too! I will be forever sorry that we didn’t have the proper resources to shape your social skills as a puppy, and I’m sorry we let a little girl drop you on your head. But I’ll never ever be sorry for meeting you. And as you approach your 7th birthday, I can’t bare the thought of not having you around. Your silky, cuddly fur, and adorable face are often what keeps me smiling each day. I love you, forever and always.

Sincerely with Love,
Your Mommy


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