Dear Kobe,

I think back to the first day I brought you home, frantically I had been searching for a little companion after the move away from my home in Corvallis and was lucky enough to find you. I took one look at you and knew you already had a place in my heart. You fit into the palm of my hand and showed no fear of me being a stranger to you. You instantly became my “little shoulder dog” as you inched your way up my arm and onto my shoulder and nestled in to fall asleep, a habit you have become accustomed to as you still love to sleep on my shoulder in the car and at night.

You hopped around my kitchen floor and quickly revealed you had a fascination with pillows and blankets (lucky for me that meant I wouldn’t have to worry about female dogs and little Kobes running around). You continue to make me laugh with your silly little puppy ways. You think you are the size of an elephant even though you are the size of my forearm, but I love the confidence you pack around with you.

I love that I never have to go searching for you because the majority of the time you are always at my side. After my surgery all you wanted to do was lay next to me, although you are quite the bed hog despite your miniature size. My ferocious little wiener schnitzel, I love you and always will!

Breed: Miniature Dachshund


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