Dear Gracie and Gus,

I cannot begin to express how happy you make our home. I am so proud of both of you for so many reasons. Gus, you came to us a scared, skinny, confused puppy mill rescue who needed help in learning the ways of the world and the simple tasks that most puppies learn from the day they are born. My heart broke the second that I met you because I couldn’t believe anyone would treat an animal the way that you had been treated. Now, a few years later, you are the sweetest, happiest, bravest dog I have ever known. I could only wish to be as brave as you if I had been through the awful things you have experienced.
Gracie, my spoiled little princess, you were brought up surrounded by loving humans and have never had an ounce of anxiety in your life. You hated Gus when we came to live with us because he took away all of the attention, but eventually you came around and realized how much he desperately needed your help. You essentially taught him how to be a dog. You let him follow you and copy your actions and he has learned so much from you. What a wonderful big sister. It warms my heart when I pick you both up from daycare and see you by each other’s sides. You are true best friends, partners in crime.
I love you both more than you could ever imagine and I so much appreciate the love you give me every second of every day.
Breed: Yorkies


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