Dear Bruiser,

I love you!I love the way you greet me every day with a happy face, I love the way you snuggle with me in bed, & I think it’s funny when you bite my toes when I roll over. hee hee.
I love playing games with you like chasey, fetch & the ‘make the bed’ game, where you lay on the bed while I try to make it & run around under the sheet. sooo funny & cute. hee hee.  I love it when you sit up late with me to watch my TV shows.  You are the best big brother to your human sisters, so kind and gentle & they love you to bits, you make them smile and laugh every day.
 I love bringing home little treats for you and seeing your excited face and knowing that you appreciate it, but those little pressies are nothing compared to what you give me every day.
A massive thanks to you for just being you, don’t ever change Bruisey boy, I love you just the way you are, that cute little face, floppy ears, big eyes and your sticky up tail, hee hee,I LOVE YOU!!!

Mum xxxx


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