Bubbles and Cooper,

To my two lovely babies, this is your mom sending all her love to the both of you. These past few weeks have been hard since this is the longest we’ve been apart. Counting down the weeks left until I can come home to the sweet snuggles, loud barking and too much licking from you guys.

Everyone who know me knows how much I love the both of you. Some people think I’m crazy loving you guys the way I do now. But if they only knew how much happiness brings having the both of you in my life. Now I know that I’ll never be alone and will live a life full of so much love. Some may never understand why my heart has a big room for my two lovely doxies. I don’t think I’m ready to love other dogs as much as I love you both. But right now, all I can promise is to love you, my furbabies, with all my heart. As I always say, we are always a package. Where I call home is a place that I can share with my Bubbles and Cooper.

Love you guys a lot,
Mommy Yeh

Breed: Mini Dachshund


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