Adam’s Journey With Thundershirt!

Here is a letter sent in by Ellen B which contains video of her dog Adam training while wearing a Thundershirt.

Adam is afraid of many things. Other dogs, thunder, the sound of the wind. For the longest time I didn’t think he could do any sort of dog sport. When I found out about Nosework I thought we might try it. At first he had a lot of trouble. Then I started bringing him to class in his thundershirt. Here is a video showing a training session soon after starting to use the thundershirt.  Slowly over several months he grew in confidence to the point a few months later he could search without needing it in outlet training building Today Adam has passed his birch ORT and is working toward passing his NACSW NW1. He still occasionally needs his thundershirt but he is still making great strides. He’s come a long way from a scared little sheltie who would not even put his head in a box to get his cookies. Thanks to his thundershirt he can do so much more.
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog


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