Our dog, Harley, was killed by a truck in front of our home…

Dear Little Louis and Psychic Sonya,

This is Harley.  He suddenly passed last month on October 10, 2012 after being struck by a truck in front of our home. I want him to know mommy loves and misses him very much. I want to know if he is ok, who he is with, and if he’s still sleeping on my bed, he was my baby and I will miss him forever.

<3, Brenda

Dear Brenda,

I am sitting here in heaven talking to your wonderful dog, Harley.  I’ve made so many friends here in heaven. 

He loves you and wants you to know that it was his time for his soul to return to the beautiful spiritual realm.  He now has a light energy body and can move very freely. 

He is constantly with you and loves it because he can travel with you in the car, go shopping and visit restaurants, and he continues to sleep on your bed at night.  And when you are at home he follows you around the house. 

He will reincarnate back to you in this lifetime.  There is no separation between you.  Only the physical body dies, as it is the vehicle that we travel in. 

Love and Woof Woof!

Sonya and Louis


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