To My One and Only Mac (Macalicious),

After getting Lola in 2005, I really wanted to find the perfect companion for her (and me!) in 2007. I looked in breeder ad after breeder ad, searching for the perfect Chocolate pup! I remember driving about an hour and a half to meet you. You were hanging with your baby brother and I honestly wanted to take you both – but, I knew I could only pick one. There was something about you and my gravitation to you. I told dad I wasn’t leaving without you.

I still gush over the pictures of how tiny you were next to your big sister Lola. You got right into the family mix and took a lot from her! I watch you both today and love how inseparable you are. You have the sweetest personality I’ve ever seen.

I decided to send you to puppy camp to get you trained, learning from Lola’s experience! It was such a hard week being away from eachother, but made it even more special when I came and picked you up. You were the perfect student – and learned your commands just right! To this day, I never have to worry about you because you come on command and never want to disappoint.

We had a rough start with potty training – but regardless, it was worth every minute. Just more baths for you, and you looked extra cute and fluffy all the time.

You started off as a daddy’s boy. In fact, it wasn’t until I was pregnant, that you changed your tune! You were at my feet every night and sitting at the bedside. When I went into labor, I remember being crunched down on the floor and it was you licking my face and whimpering. The thought of being away for a few days while Grady came into our world worried me, but I knew when I came home, it would be as I never left. As just as expected, you immediately became Grady’s ‘big brother’ and taught him the ropes!

Since then, you’ve become much more of a cuddler and though you stay out of Grady’s way, you look out for him and protect him just as you have me. Grady loves being able to stand on you, grab your ears, stick his fingers in your mouth and you, as sweet as you are, just let him without a flinch!

I have such a soft spot for you as you were a ‘mama’s boy’ first! I think about how sad life would have been had I not found you and brought you home – and I see the best friendship you and Lola have and it teaches me the importance of loyalty and companionship.

I love you so much, Mac. Thank you for continuing to bring added meaning into my life and for loving me for who I am. You, too, have touched my life in a way that no human could compare. And like Lola, there is a special place etched in my heart forever. The two of you are irreplaceable and I am grateful everyday to have been blessed with your love.

Yours truly,

Breed: Labrador Retriever


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