To My Jazzy Princess

You are: my snuggle bug, my people food sharer, my treat hound, my chubby girl, my sweet baby, my car-hating but car-riding buddy, my protector, my Christmas baby, my hungry girl, my endless supply of kisses, my swimming girl, my ball fetcher, my shadow, my strawberry hound, my kitchen buddy, my foot warmer, my sleep lover, my bedtime indicator, but never my alarm clock, my corn on the cob cleaner, my lap in the morning while I drink my coffee, my water hound, my favorite head tilt, my doorbell echo, my crooked teeth smiler, my bathroom buddy, my roll in dead things outside girl, my frosting fiend, my favorite house greeter, my disaster magnet, my big chicken, my camera poser, my favorite belly to rub, my long eyelash girl, my fierce barker, my ladybug, my beautiful girl, my Baby G, my best friend, my soul mate.

I love you.



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