To My Dearest Lola, My Best Friend,

All my life, I was a dog lover – but I never had a dog because my parents didn’t allow it. I used to love going to my grandma and grandpa’s house to play with their dog, a toy poodle named Peppi. I knew that one day, I would own my own dog, but I didn’t realize what that truly meant.

The day I picked you out, I was so excited to bring you home that when the breeder said I had to come back in a week, I began to cry. I needed you right then and there! I impatiently waited for one week and drove out by myself to bring you home. I was so busy being excited, that I set-up the crate the wrong way and within a few miles of leaving the breeder’s, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw your big paws and adorable face peeking over the back seat. I pulled over and put you in my lap (note to self, not a smart idea – see Marley & Me!) and stopped at Granny’s house to introduce you. Everyone thought I was crazy. I was crazy in love, that’s for sure.

Lola – from the minute you came into my life, you gave me purpose. I was very sad after losing my dad and my sister and you comforted me everyday by giving me a reason to be excited to come home. The countless kisses and snuggling in bed is what got me through the toughest times. You kissed every tear from my face and when dad was away on business, you never left my side when I was scared. No human can provide that sense of unselfish calm. You are an amazing creature.

People used to love talking to me on the phone and hearing my crazy dog stories… like the time you ate the entire order of wings from BW-3 and I had you at the ER petrified for what would happen; or the time you ate the birthday cake off the counter that I had just baked – I couldn’t even yell at you because you looked so cute with a pile of frosting on your little black nose; how about when you ate through my pillowtop mattress- but again, I blamed myself for leaving Animal Planet on for the short time I was at the store – thinking you were scared you wouldn’t get to eat, so you ate what was in front of you. Or the time you flunked out of training class and we had to leave without your puppy diploma and picture! Time after time, frustration after frustration, experience after experience – I fell more and more in love with your personality – as devious as it was!

I taught you how to dance. You taught me how to laugh again. I taught you how to kiss. You taught me how to love again.

We’ve shared so many memories that are etched in my heart and mind forever. When Gina died – you never left my side for week – not even to go to the bathroom. When I was pregnant with Grady, you laid your head on my belly and soothed me. The day I brought him home, you impressed me with your ability to love him as much as me, and protect him with everything you have. Now, I watch the love you teach through his eyes and I am so grateful that my life was blessed with you.

From today, til forever, no one will ever take the place you have in my heart. I love you forever and know my life has been enriched from lessons I learned from you.

Call me crazy dog lady – and I happily reply…

Yours Always,
Mama (LAMA – our Hollywood name)

Breed: Labrador Retriever


  1. Rohini Singh says:

    The story of Lola – My Best friend by Christa McHale touched my heart & made me cry. I can understand her feelings & emotions Becoz i am also a great dog lover since my childhood period.

    It reminds me my ever-loving kids luana (white female labra & black male labra). Though , at that time my family
    was going via very big emotional crisis. Becoz, I lost my mother. And I can say that time my whole family was upset ,
    shocked & despareted At that time , they both made our lives interesting & happy. Becoz, with them we felt very nice
    & beautiful. They both were children of my black labra bitch.
    On the other point of view i can say that our saddest life they gave an aim/objective. With them we felt so happy .
    I can say that they were our small beautiful world. They had also loved us blindly. Even , they had never ever been
    lived without us.
    They understood each & everything /indication from us . but unfortunately , i lost them . I never thought that they will
    leave us very soon . .Still now , my family especially my father admitted in hospital due to them. When ever I
    remember , I can not express what type of feeling I feel. I don`t want to remember that day. Now, very soon , we are
    going to be completed of their first anniversary. I don`t know How we will tolerate that biggest sad day of life.

    After them my Life is very empty & even my father still now he cries even each & every family member is unable to forget
    At last i can say that may be when i will go to Jesus Christ , then i will meet my jaan lullu & shery. that place is across the rainbow bridge. Thnks . by Rohini Singh.

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