The Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Spaghetti and meatballs costume
This has to be the most unique Halloween costume yet! This dog is an adorable Spaghetti and
Meatball, but don’t you think this costume would be easier for a Hungarian Sheep dog to pull off?

Hungarian Sheep Dog
All this dog needs is the meatballs, the spaghetti is the Hungarian Sheep Dogs everyday hair!

Poodle costume
We always dress up as our favorite Celebs, so naturally dogs would dress up as their favorite breed, or are Poodles just the most recognizable breed? Regardless, this Poodle costume is perfect!

Bee Costume
I’m not sure if this Bee could ever sting anyone. This adorable pooch looks like the most harmless insect ever. I wish I said “Awww” like I did when I saw this bee, rather than “AHHHHH”, like when I see other real bee’s.

Superman costume
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Dog! Superman never looked so, so…small. This dog costume is by far the cutest as far as not living up to a stereotype. Whenever you see people dress up as Superman it’s usually the gym guys showing off their physiques. Well this pup is definitely showing us his small size with his super small Superman costume and it works!

Teddy Bear Costume
Talk about making lemons into lemonade. I want to go get my old teddy bear and dress up my dog Marty in it ASAP! This costume is no frills and it’s probably the more comfortable option for your furry friend. Remember sleeping with your favorite teddy bear as a kid and how comfy that was? Now do you see what a great costume this would be?!


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