The 4 Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make

By Jennifer Arnold, Dog Expert

We forget…

1.) Dogs don’t speak human.  Telling a dog not to eat the steak you left on the counter because you are thawing it for dinner will not work.

2.) Dogs already know we are the bosses.  How could they not?  We control everything about their lives; food, water, toys, sleeping area, toileting, and reproduction.  What our dogs need to know is that we will be benevolent caregivers.

3.) Dogs don’t do things simply to anger or frustrate us.   They need us too much to do that.  Dogs are among the most successful species from an evolutionary standpoint primarily because they realize that they must please people in order to survive.

4.) Dogs trust us to do what is right.   Dogs are the ultimate optimists when it comes to their belief in the goodness of mankind.  We have an obligation to honor their trust and belief in us…for their sakes and our own.


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