Pekingese Dog Adopts Abandoned Kitten

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. They are loving companions who prove time and time again just how loyal they are.   But their loyalty and love isn’t just reserved for humans. We’ve seen amazing canines share and spread love to other animals as well. Like Mittens. The adorable Pekingese pup that took in an abandoned kitten (now named Bootsie) as her own and helped aid her back to health.


Bootsie, the tiny gray kitten, was found in Mittens’ owners barn in Minnesota, and at first no one was sure that the little kitten was even alive. Only a few days old, the owner wrapped the cat in a warm towel and it began meowing — and that’s when Mittens came to the rescue and started licking and cuddling the kitten as if it were her own pup. And if offering the cat love wasn’t a kind enough gesture, Mittens even allowed the kitten to try to nurse — and within three days, she started producing milk! Incredible!

This isn’t just another story of a cute dog with a big heart, this is another testament of just how amazing our canine companions are. We  as humans should look to our four legged friends and take a lesson from them on how to spread love to everyone and everything unconditionally.  The one thing that connects us all is that we all have a heart. And Mittens’ heart is huge! Good luck to Mittens and Bootsie!




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