Kasey, The Rescue Dog Turned Hollywood Star!

When we hear the names Lassie, Benji, Uggie, or even the notorious Rin Tin Tin, we immediately think of the shows and movies that these beloved hounds were the stars of. For over 60 years, there have been plenty of amazing dogs who have taken on the roles of co-star in major films and TV shows and here’s another talented dog to add to the roster. Introducing (drum roll please)… Kasey. Hollywood’s newest canine actor who’s getting a lot of attention!

Kasey recently starred in the Sony Classics’ “Darling Companion” as the character Freeway,  a stray dog taken in by Diane Keaton’s character, when she finds Kasey on the side of the road. In the film, Kasey, a beloved member of the family, goes missing while on a family vacation forcing them to launch a full force search party. Hollywood’s Good Dog Animals trained Kasey for his film debut. Kasey is originally a rescue dog but is now a movie star! Kasey is currently busy promoting the film but remains hard a work on other potential projects including some commercial work.

“Darling Companion” is now available on DVD so you can check it out and see what a talented little pooch Kasey is. Way to go Kasey on all your success!


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