How can we help our dog, Frankie, feel safe in the yard?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

A couple months ago, I was playing the the yard with our dog, Frankie.  I was  throwing a ball, pulled my arm back, and accidentally whacked our poor dog in the face. Frankie was really scared of me for a couple days, but then we made up.

THEN!  A couple weeks later, I was throwing the “purple toy” for Frankie in the yard. and I hit poor Frankie in the face again, this time with the toy.

We are on good terms indoors, but Frankie is still not into playing in the yard like he used to be. Anything I can do to reassure the dog those were accidents and he’s safe in the yard?



Frankie and Colin Murchie.jpg   Frankie Murchie Solo.jpg

Dearest Colin,

Frankie wants me to tell you that you were more upset than he was when you knocked him in the face! 

And my advice to you is take him out to the yard, give him some special chicken, and let him come out to you.  Feed him by hand.  Play with the squeakers, and he’ll be able to associate the yard with very happy times once again. 

His message for his beloved dad and mom is that you make him feel happy all the time, and he’s the happiest dog in the world.

Love to you,

Woof ,Woof!



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