Hello Animal Lovers…

This is RESCUE MIKE and I couldn’t be more honored to have the opportunity to blog about rescue on ALetterToMyDog.com!

If you take a look at my bio, you will see my backstory, my love of animals, and my own inspiration for getting so heavily involved in rescue.

You see, it is my own beautiful rescue dogs TROOPER & NELSON, that fuel my passion each day for saving others.

Most of my rescue efforts start on Facebook. This is where the rescue community goes to share “threads” created for each shelter dog. It is the sharing of these threads far and wide that create awareness for the dog and lead to people pledging money to support the rescue efforts of that dog and most of all to hopefully find that one person that will be so touched by that dog’s story, they will step up and either foster the dog or even better, adopt the dog and give them an incredible forever home!

Once you start posting on these FB threads, others will quickly “friend request you” to start including you in all of the threads that are created for each dog. For me, the volume of dogs and threads I receive each day got so big, I created my own rescue page on FB which is “LA MIKE RESCUE“. I encourage all of you to friend request me there so you too can become part of this sharing network and hopefully help save dogs yourselves!

Each week, I plan to post several times right here on my RESCUE MIKE blog where you will be able to track and follow my efforts in saving dogs. It’s an emotional roller coaster as you can imagine as some dogs run out of time before we can save them but most of the time, when I’m focused on saving a specific dog, I am successful in my efforts although it’s not always a smooth road getting them to safety.

Hopefully, by staying connected to me via this blog, you will be enlightened on all of the challenges rescuers face in this never ending battle to save our precious fur babies that are dying each day in shelters across the country.
Many of my blog comments might be brief as I might be posting them from the shelter as I am literally pulling a dog to safety! I love to include lots of photos and videos. NOTE…I have a high pitched “dog voice” that I use when speaking to my best friends so you’ve been warned :-)

So join me on this incredible journey as I rescue dogs each week. I’d love the support and encouragement and friendship of all of you rooting me on as I am on the front lines saving one dog at a time.

To see dogs available for adoption, please click here.  Your best friend is waiting!

Peace out.



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