German Shepherd Watches Over Deceased Owners Grave.

Til death do us part? Not if you’re a German Shepherd named  Capitan. The amazing canine from Argentina is setting a new bar for eternal loyalty as he’s stood guard over his owner’s grave every day since his owner, Miguel Guzman passed away 6 YEARS AGO! Talk about loyalty.

But there’s more to this story… after the funeral, Capitan soon disappeared from the family home and was discovered at the cemetery shortly after. What’s unbelievable is that he had never even been to the cemetery before and wasn’t present at the funeral either. Yet, he wandered into the cemetery alone and found his late owners grave and has kept post there ever since.  It’s a mystery to the family because no one had ever taken the dog there but even a bigger mystery as to how he found the grave given that dogs can’t read.

What makes this story even more astonishing is that  even though the family continues to bring Capitan back home, he still runs away back to the gravesite to sit with his master. And every day at 6pm (sharp), Capitan goes to his owners grave and lays down in front of it. We already know that dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet but this story is proof  that a beautiful bond between an owner and his dog can last an eternity. Simply beautiful!



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