Dog Boots

The one thing we look forward to everyday is our walk. Whether it’s at a park or just down the block, we can’t wait to get outside and go for a stroll. Sometimes bad weather can show up and ruin everything for us though. Rain, snow, and even extreme heat used to make us forget about our walks and run back into the house! But not anymore. Ever since our mommy bought us amazing dog boots, we no longer have to worry about what the forecast is in order for us to enjoy our walks.

Our little paws can be very sensitive so we need all the protection we can get. These boots not only safeguard us from puddles, snow, and hot pavements, they’re really comfortable too! Besides protecting our feet from harsh weather, they also provide added protection from glass, gum, and other harmful things that humans sometimes leave behind.

If you’d like your owner to buy you some boots, let them know that Petco sells a variety of different brands and then take a pic in your boots and post it on our website. We’d love to see you in them!


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