Dear Zeik,

I never knew love, friendship or support until you. At 8 weeks you were the last of the litter but with a skin disease that noons could see beyond but me. I loved you at first glance even though you seemed disinterested or maybe had given up hope that nobody wanted you. You seemed sad…..alone and afraid. You are never far from me and when it was just me and you….you let everyone know that you were proud to have me as your mommy. We adopted Josie….a yellow corgie lab mix and you were happy to share me. You are there when I cry…when I laugh…when I feel frustrated and alone. You know my every strength and weakness and you love me no matter what. You are my everything when you snore ….toot…lol….sneeze on my food because you know I will give it to you….and when we play itsy bitsy spider and you know I am going to start playing with you so you get rowdy. My heart melts when you rock yourself to sleep with the blanket in your mouth like a baby. You are my world and I can never live without you. You are by far my BFF….I Love You….always will.

Breed: Pug


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