Dear Scooby

Dear Scooby,

I had never had a dog before you. I first laid eyes on you thru an email that was sent to me when you were only 4 weeks old. I fell completely and hopelessly in-love with you the minute I opened that email and saw your picture. I drove 2 hours to get to to you, by this time you were six weeks old. You fit perfectly in my hand. I felt terrible taking you away from your mommy but I needed you in my life. On the drive back home you slept the whole two hours nuzzled on the back of my neck. Here we are almost 12 amazing and adventurous years later and I still see that little puppy I took home all those years ago. You are my little old man now and are still the most precious thing in my life. Thank you for bringing so much joy, laughter, adventure, and most importantly unconditional love… You are and will always be my most beloved best friend…

Your Mommy
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier


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