Dear Penny

We met one August a few years ago and for me, it was love at first sight. You played hard to get. I thought I was rescuing you, but we both know you made my life so much better. We lived together, just you and me, for a whole year, one of the best of my life so far. I miss those days so much when I think about them. Then I got into medical school, which was the next step in my life-long dream plan, but I knew I would be too busy to be a good mom to you. I traded you for school, and that makes me sad even now.

Thank goodness your grandparents are taking good care of you at their house with their big yard and your cousin and neighbors to keep you company. They walk you at least twice everyday and feed you the good, healthy food I could never afford. They take you out on the water on the weekends and let you sleep in my bed at home. They even put you on the phone when I call and even though I can’t hear you, I know you’re looking around, trying to figure out where my voice is coming from.

Thank you for forgiving me. I wish I could have you here with me always but you’re better off there, for now. You never hold it against me. When I come visit, you’re more excited to see me than ever before. You haven’t forgotten me, and I’ll come get you and bring you home with me before long, I promise. I love you, so much.



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