Dear Isabel,

My dear baby girl,
I miss you so. I think about you every day since you’ve been gone. I wonder if you are experiencing a better life, free of the illness and pain that took you from me, is there the life we all hope for when its our time to go? I sure hope so because I can’t wait to see your beautiful face, waggin’ tail and hear all you have to tell.
You were the best friend and companion and are truly missed. Be a good girl and know Mommy will love you forever!

My Isabelly Smelly!

Breed: Beagle


  1. Rohini Singh says:

    This emotional & beautiful letter to my dog, reminds me my most adorable , dearest & nearest kids Luana + sherry. Now , that worse day of my life will be coming . Last year on 16/12/2012 & on 23/10/2012 , day i lost my kids lulu +sherry. They were 4years old. Still, now me & my family has not overcome from this lost.
    SO, i can understand the above mentioned feelings & emotions of writer. I don`t know how I will face that day, which had ruined my life`s all happiness & my peace of mind. Becoz, during whole year , we could not forget them. In each & every moments of our life we remember them.

    As soon as the day is coming , I m becoming very restless & disturbed. I don`t know what to do? But , I know that God will give me strength to tolerate this biggest loss of my life. And one hope that definitely after life when i will go from this world, I will go to across the rainbow bridge ,where they are waiting for me & meet them.
    Thanking You,
    By Rohini Singh From India
    Breed Name :- LABRADOR.


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