Dear Finnegan


You found us when we least expected, your timing couldn’t have been worse. And mysteriously you are everything we needed, but not smart enough to realize.

It’s as if you dropped from the sky, you were suddenly here. And I don’t know if we could have made it through these last couple of years without you.

If we had placed an order for a dog it would have been for a female, 60-70lb. happy-go-lucky companion. A furry soul that rarely barks, never meets a stranger, and bounds out of bed greeting each morning with endless optimism.

You are a 15 lb male dog who is the last one out of bed every morning. Every person who wanders into your eyesight has to be assessed for threat potential. You immediately let everyone within earshot know if the stranger is welcome into our world.

All squirrels and rabbits must be eradicated. They are the work of the devil for sure. And let’s not even get started on cats. You believe the only good cat is a chew toy.

You also have very distinct views of transportation. Semis, motorcycles and garbage trucks serve no purpose. Buses. especially school buses. shouldn’t be allowed on our streets. All of these useless forms of transportation should be avoided at all costs and barked at incessantly.

Next to sleeping – your favorite activity is barking. You love the sound of your own voice. You express your opinion loudly and without regard for the time of day or night.

More than anything, You are Ours. You are exactly what our little family needed to get through some dark days. You are a blessing we couldn’t live without. You make us laugh, make us get off the couch and make us share our food. Most importantly, you make us love, you’re perfect.

One day with the grace of God we hope to be the people you think we are.

Sincerely Your Happy Family Covered in Dog Hair, Mom & Nathan

Breed: Mutt


  1. Teresa Gustafson says:

    very, very cute.

  2. Susan says:

    Margaret, loved the letter to Finn!

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