Dear Dallas aka Bubba

To my brother and my best friend….

i miss your smile boy! i miss the times playing in the snow…. i miss all the fights and all the nights layin next to you hearin your snores and wondering what you are dreaming about when you move your legs when you sleeping… i miss you… there will never be another you because there never could be…my heart has a piece missing now since you have left me and i know no other dog could ever replace it… ohhh i miss you… i am so lucky to have been a part of your life because you were best part of mine… you knew when i was upset and you knew exactly how to cheer me up… i remember you eatin my food when i wasnt looking… i remember if anyone wanted to fight me you wasnt fightin them too but i also remember when it would thunder you would go to the smallest space in the house and hide… you were, you are, and you always be my boy… i cant believe you are gone…i miss you soo so much… you were my sidekick just like i was yours… but i know when i fall asleep with your collar in my hand, ill see you again…

i love you Dallas

Breed: golden retriever / great pyrenees


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