Dear Capisce

Dear Capisce,

Right now your laying your head on my stomach giving me that look like, what in the world I’m just a cute puppy. I know its kind of crazy to be writing you a letter considering you will never be able to understand the words I am writing out. But to you its not about the words its about the unconditional love I can give to you. Because in this big world I live in you live in the same world but one in that only your dad and I live in.

When I first saw you I just knew you were going to love me and I would love you just the same. Over time you have become my best friend, you make me happy when I am sad. You taught me a very important lesson in life “sometimes advice is not needed when someone is going through a rough time it is just simple unconditional love” and I am lucky enough that you have given that to me. You lick away the tears with that big tongue of yours and you just have a way of being the glue keeping everything together.

When I think about the future with you it has a way of making me sad because even the thought that one-day you will not be in my life is just too much to bear. But it also makes me very happy to know that you are going to help me raise my children and teach them all the important lessons you are teaching me. You are going to be the dog that they come running off the bus just to meet. The one who is going to comfort them with a nice big kiss when they are sad, The one who is going to keep them warm during the cold winters, The one who sadly enough is probably going to have to teach them the lesson of loosing something/someone who is so dear to your heart (but we wont think about that until the time comes).
I like to believe you can understand me when I tell you how much I love you but just incase you cant I will continue to spoil my love onto you by all your toys and treats and I will play with you outside until you get to tired and I will cuddle you any chance I get. I love you and you love me, that to me is a irreplaceable bound. That I will cherish with me forever.

Xoxo Alyssa

Breed: black lab/ german shepherd


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