Brian Lee’s Top 4 Training Philosophies

By Brian Lee, Dog Trainer & Behavioralist

1. The more you need to be in control, the less control you have. Constantly giving commands is controlling. Allow your dog to self-direct instead of using external force and you will achieve true peace and harmony.

2. Thoughts and internal dialogue can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Your dog is keenly aware of your attitude, so try to avoid having a victim mentality. Do not underestimate the power of intention.

3. Take total responsibility for your own actions. Owners tend to blame their dogs for unwanted behavior even though the dogs have no control over their environment. Your dog is the prisoner and you are the warden; you either set them up to win or set them up to fail.

4. Focus on the positive, ignore the negative. As simple as this philosophy sounds, rarely is it achieved. Like us, dogs repeat behavior that is rewarded. Drawing attention to negative behavior ensures it will happen again. Instead, remember to enjoy the abundance of positive qualities your dog possesses.

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